And then, I decided to write in English

I decided to start publishing my texts in English here on Medium. This place is good for these texts and I have little to no trouble posting and editing.

English is not my native language and, even though I can write well and read well, there may be mistakes. Please let me know if you spot something.

I don’t write every day in English but I’m working on a consistent publishing routine for these texts. I need to improve my writing skills both in English and Portuguese. Editing what I write will be a good way to learn more.

My first idea was to translate my texts to English, since I am a translator, but I decided to write new ones. I have good texts in Portuguese but the experience of writing in each language will make me a better writer.

The first challenge is vocabulary expansion. I edited this article before publishing and thus took much more time than writing itself.

I repeat words and use some poor structures. My poor writing comes from the daily work with technical texts. I also lack reading reading books in English and Spanish. I’ll try to change this behavior as soon as I can have more than five minutes to read daily. When I can get to ten, I can read in a second language. We’ll see.

If you are a non-native English speaker that can write in English too, come with me on this adventure. Let’s improve ourselves together!

Writing and drinking lots of coffee.